Centuries ago, greek and roman heroes would establish their superiority and get their mettle proven through gladiatorial games. Centuries later, man is still in the pursuit of getting himself recognised in the eyes of the world. The games have changed, but the prize and the applause remain the same.

Fit in 5 is a fitness camp, where individuals irrespective or age or circumstances, weight or gender, leave all their inhibitions behind for five weeks and work towards their fitness goals, reinvigorating their soul and spirit also in the process. Started since 2013, we have transformed lives and bodies of over 5000 students and have instigated a fitness revolution in the country.

The Fit in 5 Games aims to take this revolution of being fit for a better and more fulfilling life further. The Fit in 5 Games are the first of its kind in Pakistan. The purpose of the games is to kindle a spirit of competitive fitness in Pakistan and reward those who are pushing their boundaries and redefining what they can or cannot achieve.

The competing individuals will go through a rigorous set of challenges from one round to the other until only the best and fittest remain to compete in the final round where celebrity judges and fitness maestros will crown the FITTEST MAN AND THE FITTEST WOMAN OF PAKISTAN. Who doesn’t want to be wearing a national crown on their heads?

Moreover, the winners will each get a prize money of 250,000 PKR to make the journey taste as sweet as the victory.